Neglected Cat Described As ‘Dragging A Carpet’ Rescued And Saved

An elderly man owned Sinbad the cat but sadly couldn’t take care of him. Instead of reaching out for help, the cat was neglected.

Sinbad was rescued by the Anti-Cruelty Society after growing out five pounds of fur.

Facebook/Elliott Serrano

The cat was described as “dragging a carpet” by the people who alerted the rescue. And you can see why…

Facebook/Elliott Serrano

It took hours for shelter workers to shave off all of the matted fur, but the cat stayed cooperative as if he knew it were for the better.

Facebook/Elliott Serrano

The muscles in Sinbad’s back legs atrophied due to lack of use, but he continued to fight.

Facebook/Elliott Serrano

Sinbad was freed from the mess of matted fur went on to live with a foster. With his new diet, the cat would eventually gain some weight and grow back his coat.

Facebook/Elliott Serrano

It’s a good thing he was rescued when he was — he had to have been so uncomfortable. But Sinbad will never know that neglect again.

Facebook/Elliott Serrano

Sinbad would go on to the life he’d always deserved thanks to the hard work of the Anti-Cruelty Society. 🙂

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