17 Dogs Going From Small To Large

Still just as cute.

BuzzFeed asked their community for their best pet “growing up” pictures, and they delivered. Here are their dogs going from small to large but still as cute as ever! For more, check out the original link here. πŸ™‚

#1 “3 months and 18 pounds to 1 year and 80 pounds!”

#2 “This is my dog, Enzo. On the left, he is about 6 weeks old, and on the right, he is 5 years. He’s truly the best dog ever!”

#3 “Finn β€” new year, same ear!”

#4 “From 7 pounds to 135 pounds β€” still the best boy!”

#5 “(Lando) was 8 weeks old on the left and 8 months old on the right.”

#6 “Mochi at 2 months and 1 year!”

#7 “Gerdie. 3 years difference.”

#8 “This is Olive on the day I got her (around 8 weeks old.) She’s still sassy with her little legs crossed, just about 50 pounds heavier.”

#9 “This is Penny Lane! The first photo was taken when Penny was 3 months old in 2013. Penny just turned 6 last week!”

#10 “Lupita: 2 weeks vs. 10 months. From adorable to gorgeous, if you ask me!”

#11 “Sadie at 4 months and then 2 years!”

#12 “7 weeks vs 3 years. Still as handsome as ever!”

#13 “From 8 weeks and 10 pounds, to 7 years and 70 pounds.”

#14 “This is my baby, Buddy! He was 6 months old in the before pic β€” he’s now 7 years.”

#15 “Bubbles at 2 months and then 5 years!”

#16 “This is Mozzie at 2 months and then 2 years old. He finally grew into his paws!”

#17 “Ollie from a couple months old to just over a year!”