22 Dogs Just Got Their Forever Homes, And They Can’t Stop Smiling

They’re just so happy to finally have someone to love them!

Thanks to organizations like Adopt-A-Pet, thousands of animals find their forever homes every day. Below are just a few we found that are so happy to finally have someone to love them! These 22 smiles are just amazing to see! 🙂

#1 “My friend wanted a dog so he went and adopted Hank.”

#2 “Dog got adopted from the shelter i use to volunteer at. I think he’s pretty happy.”

#3 “Jerry is ecstatic to get adopted!”

#4 “My wife and I just adopted our first dog. Meet Pixel!”

#5 “My name is Ripley and I was adopted today”

#6 “For my cake day, I give you my son and our dog 20 minutes after we adopted her”

#7 “I adopted 6yo Lucy today. She won’t let me far enough away from her to take a good picture. :)”

#8 “This little guy just got adopted. Dat smile…”

#9 “Adopted Kuma after he was abandoned on Christmas day.”

#10 “Jake’s ‘just got adopted’ face”

#11 “My mom adopted a dog from the Dominican Republic that was found in a dumpster. I think he’s enjoying his new home :)”

#12 “My uncle adopted this former Russian guard dog. He warned me not to get too close”

#13 “Dobby thought it was a joke when I told him he was adopted.”

#14 “Penny’s ‘I’m Adopted’ Face”

#15 “My girlfriend and I adopted this sweet girl today.”

#16 “Me and the wife adopted this guy 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Happy with our 1st fur baby!”

#17 “Someone is happy they got adopted!”

#18 “Just adopted this little lady. Apparently she loves car rides!”

#19 “We just adopted this lady”

#20 “Adopted this beautiful girl today :D”

#21 “Meet just adopted LJ (Leroy Jenkins)”

#22 “The face you make when you realize you’ve just been adopted.”