Kitten Was Dyed Purple And Thrown As Bait To Fighting Dogs

Dropped off at the steps of an animal shelter was a tiny kitten unlike anything they had ever seen. The abused, purple kitty was on the brink of death and needed immediate care.

This tiny kitten was found on the steps of a shelter. He had been beaten, abused and dyed purple.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

They brought the two-month-old kitten inside and were shocked to see his body covered in scars and bite marks.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

The San Jose animal shelter decided not to euthanize the kitten and instead contacted Nine Lives Foundation.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

Veterinarian Monica Rudiger saw Smurf’s wounds and knew that the kitten had been used as bait to train dogs to fight.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

Smurf’s life had been full of fear and pain, but now the journey to recovery would begin.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

The poor kitten’s spirit never broke, and that would go a long way in the recovery process. No one knew how long it’d take, but the Nine Lives Foundation was determined to do everything possible to help Smurf heal.

Hopefully they ended up finding those responsible for this terrible act and handed down the punishment they deserved. As for Smurf, he’d go on to a life where he’d never know abuse again. 🙂

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