14-Year-Old Dog Found Tied Up In A Bag And Thrown Out In The Garbage

A senior dog was found tied up in a bag and dumped in the trash in the S. Basilio suburb in the outskirts of Rome as reported by Italian newspaper La Stampa. The 14-year-old Spillo was able to pierce the bag in order to breathe and bark for help.

Wanted in Rome

Thankfully, some passersby heard the barking and called the police. The traumatized dog was taken in by Animalisti Italiani volunteers who launched an online campaign on social media to help find the loving dog a forever home.

Wanted in Rome

And the campaign to help “sweet Spillo” was successful as a family living in Fiumicino near Rome decided to adopt him! 🙂

Wanted in Rome

Domenico and Giulia along with daughters Alessandra and Clara have given the dog a much-deserved second chance at life and his own special place on their couch!

“From today Spillo will live loved and respected in the company of two other beautiful dogs named Pinin and Bella and with a cat called Mirto,” the family said. Amazing!

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