Sickly Stray Found With Only A Jacket That She’d Become Attached To

A dog was found abandoned on the street with only a jacket to lie on. And it’s assumed the jacket was her owner’s, because she was very attached to it and would follow it around. Thankfully, a rescue organization found the sickly dog and got her to a shelter in Panama for care.

She was named Honey, and they got to work on her right away. She would receive the necessary meds and be showered with love to help give her some life. As her body and mind started to heal, she began putting on some weight, which was a great sign!

Honey’s fur started to grow back in, and it changed colors right before their eyes. Amazing how a dog who was once so down and out could recover in such a way and so quickly! The girl is in good hands now as she continues on her path to recovery, and she’ll never be neglected and abused again. 🙂

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