Mom’s Driving Her Son To School When She Finds A Suitcase With A Cruel Note

“The only way is to dump them sorry it’s you.”

Kaysie Sheridan was driving her son to preschool one morning when she noticed a suitcase with a note attached. The note read: “Help us call RSPCA … or cat’s protection they won’t help me. The only way is to dump them sorry it’s you.”

Kaysie took the kittens to her mother, Sue, who has experience caring for cats.

“It wasn’t very nice inside the case, and there was a cloth with blood on it, which we think the mother had probably given birth on,” said Sue to the Warrington Guardian.

The kittens were checked out by a veterinarian and the family plans on keeping three out of the litter.

“3 of them will be staying within family. myself my mum and my nana all will be having one,” said Kaysie. “Though we do not want to promise homes to anyone at the moment as they’re still very young.”

Thankfully they found these kittens before it was too late. Abandoning animals is never the answer.

h/t The Dodo

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