Dog Scared Of Men Was About To Be Treated And Released On The Streets

But one man was determined to help Sunny.

Greek law states that an injured stray is the responsibility of the municipality and that it must be treated and then released in the area it was found if no one steps forward to claim it. But that would not be good for Sunny, and Takis Shelter knew that and stepped in to rescuer her.

Sunny was terrified, especially of men. Gaining her trust would not be easy, but Takis was determined. The man would try every day to get a bit closer to the dog and make her feel more comfortable. Then finally one day he approached her to see a happy tail! 🙂

Sunny was doing better with women but still needed work around men. But she came around more and more all the time. Sunny took to some other dogs and made some friends, in particular Ozzy who was recovering after being found hanged and burned. They just connected in a certain way.

Sunny really broke out of her shell and transformed into a completely different dog. And one year later, she got a forever home! Now Sunny enjoys a soft bed and shares love and friendship with all humans and animals.

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