12 Selfless Dogs Who Became Surrogate Moms To Other Animals

They’re so much more than Man’s Best Friend.

We call dogs Man’s Best Friend, but they’re actually even more than that. Animals of all kinds can also rely on dogs for love and support. Take a look below at 12 selfless dogs who took it upon themselves to become surrogate moms to other animals.

#1 “Mom brings home foster kittens, never expects her rescue pit bull to become a surrogate mother”

#2 “Prancer being a great surrogate Mom.”

#3 “Brownie, the Hero Dog…. surrogate mother and raiser of fawns.”

#4 “Baby cheetah’s mom died and this dog is a surrogate mom”

#5 “Jake is a good surrogate mom. Dog of many talents.”

#6 “This is Kitty’s surrogate dog mom Penny.”

#7 “Golden retriever becomes surrogate mother to African Wild Dogs at Oklahoma City Zoo”

#8 “My dog is being a wonderful surrogate for our new kitten.”

#9 “My dog has become a surrogate mother for my kittens. So cute!”

#10 “Cheetah mom dies; cubs get surrogate parent in nursery dog”

#11 “During 8 years living in a UK animal shelter, a dog named Jasmine was a ‘surrogate mother’ to over 50 rescued animals”

#12 “My dog has found her calling: being a surrogate piglet mommy.”