Puppies Found Covered In Hardened Tar Could Only Move Their Eyes

Animal Aid Unlimited came to the rescue of some puppies who’d become trapped in their own bodies. Tar was dumped in the garbage that the pups were searching through, and it hardened on their fur. The poor things could only move their eyes when found.

Back at the rescue, they would start to soften the tar with oils. This would be a long process as the tar was caked on an inch thick in spots. The poor pups were scared, confused, and exhausted, but they were in great hands now. After three hours of work, they’d let the puppies rest before they continued on.

Oil and bath treatments would continue for three days as they pulled the stuck garbage and tar chunks away from their fur. And when all was said and done, they were in for a surprise reunion with their mama! Wait until you see this. 🙂