Dad Starts Howling, And The Puppy Comes Back With His Best Attempt Yet

Complete and utter adorableness.

Puppies just born into this world are full of curiosity and innocence, and it’s oftentimes too much to handle. To them, it’s a place full of endless possibilities and exploration. Their genuine excitement to learn all the world has to offer is a great way to keep us grounded and to not take the little things in life for granted. In addition to acclimating themselves with their new surroundings, they must learn all things dog. This includes the basics such as howling, playing, and learning the acceptable places to mark their territory. 😉

In the video below is a Beagle puppy named Moose. At the time, he was just eight weeks old and learning to howl for the first time. Dad assists with this by placing the pup on his chest and doing his best impression of a dog. The adorable Beagle responds with his best try, and it’s so cute I’ve already watched it multiple times! Dad can’t help but smile at the tiny howling attempt as it instantly melts his heart.

In an update to the YouTube video, Mikael Cramer says that now at two years old, Moose howls along while watching this video of his younger self. 🙂

There’s nothing more pure or innocent than a puppy. Do you have any memorable experiences of your dog learning to howl? Share your stories in the comments!

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