Rescuers Find Stray Hiding With A Powdered Wound On His Head

Animal Aid Unlimited came across a street dog with a large wound on his head. Maggots were eating the dog alive, and someone had powdered the wound in an attempt to help. The poor dog was in so much pain and had no strength to move, so rescuers picked him up and loaded him into the rescue vehicle.

Back at the hospital, they applied more powder to kill off the maggots. The next day, they sedated the dog and prepared to remove the maggots and debride the wound. They found the wound to be massive with deep tunnels and rotting flesh. But soon, this boy would be as good as new! 🙂

Now bandaged-up and comforted, they could see the love and sweetness in his eyes. The dog’s day-by-day improvement was astounding, and they made sure to take him on walks and provide time for plenty of rest. As the wound shrank right before their eyes, the dog’s true personality pushed through more and more. Wait until you see Teddy now!