17 Teeny Tiny Animals For Your Viewing Pleasure

So small, so cute.

Why is it that the smaller things are, the cuter they are? We may never know; that’s just the way it is! Take a look at the teeny tiny animals in the pictures below and try not to be consumed by cuteness overload — we dare ya! 😉

h/t BuzzFeed

#2 Just an itty bitty kitty.

#4 Tiny cat with tiny casts (he’s okay).

#5 The tiniest snake you’ll ever see.

#6 A palm-sized kitty.

#7 This mini smoocher.

#8 Loki the smallest kitten.

#9 This plump little loaf.

#10 Fits in your hands!

#12 Small in stature, big on cuteness!

#13 Not much bigger than a can of beans!

#14 This tiny, foot-sized kitty!

#15 This little bitty guinea pig.

#16 So small, so cute.

#17 Tiny boy with a tiny tongue! 🙂