Mom Sneaks A Peek At Dog Playing On Backyard Swing All By Her Lonesome

Tuba is a fun-loving dog who finds joy in all aspects of life. But there’s one particular activity that really grabs her attention and doesn’t let go — swinging! Just like a child would, Tuba takes to the backyard swing and twirls around on it without a care in the world!

The dog will go out there by her lonesome and play to her heart’s content. With all of the room in the backyard to run and play with her sister, Tuna, Tuba still finds herself going back to the swing over and over!

Not even Grandpa coming over to offer some pats and belly rubs can stop this fun! Watch as Tuba notices his arrival only to continue having a blast over there in her own little world. Too funny! 😀

H/T The Dodo