The Attempted Rescue Of A Shar-Pei On The Railroad Tracks Quickly Turned Dangerous

She didn’t know rescuers were there to help and started fighting back.

Hope For Paws received word of a dog living on the railroad tracks and immediately responded to the call. They had to rescue her right away from this dangerous living situation. When they arrived the dog made it clear she wasn’t interested in food, so using a humane trap would be difficult.

Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz worked to secure the injured Shar-Pei with a gentle snare, but the dog even escaped that once. Not realizing they were there to help, the dog was becoming more and more anxious. When they finally leashed her, she started fighting back.

The Shar-Pei snapped at their hands and tried chewing through the snare pole causing extensive bleeding. For everyone’s safety, they had to move quickly and get the dog into the crate. Once trapped, the dog started to calm down a little bit, but she wanted nothing to do with any of this.

They loaded her up and headed off to get her some much needed vet care. Tweedy suffered from a broken elbow, fractured teeth, a skin infection, and ear infection. They also found out later she had entropion, so surgery was quickly scheduled. Then it was time for the emotional healing to begin…

Tweedy started to learn that these people actually loved her, and she let her true personality show. She’s the sweetest girl and happy and thriving in her foster home. 🙂

Rescues like this are only made possible through donations to Hope For Paws.

If you’d like to adopt Tweedy, please contact LA Animal Rescue.