Dad Tells His Dog That He Ate All The Food, And The Dog’s Not Happy About It

The dog throws a human-like tantrum! ;)

This one is a classic! With over 190-million views on YouTube since it was uploaded in 2011, it’s still going strong today. We think it’s the funniest video ever, and it never gets old. Seriously, you can watch this one over and over — and you probably will!

The “Ultimate Dog Tease” features a talking dog, and he’s able to respond to dad’s comments about eating all of the food. And let’s just say that the dog is not happy about it. 😉

From the moment dad mentions food, he has the dog’s full attention. He tells the good boy how he went to the fridge and opened up the meat drawer. He goes on to tell the dog how he took the bacon out and ate it, and the dog’s response is priceless!

The video ends with the biggest tease of them all. Dad says that he went back to the fridge and took the chicken, added some cheese, and covered it in cat treats. I think you know where this one’s going. Yes, dad fed it to the cat. The dog has heard enough! 😀

Watch the full conversation below, you won’t regret it!

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