22 Uniquely Cool Animals You’d Be Lucky To Meet Once In A Lifetime

Mother Nature is strange.

Nature can be strange, but I think strange is a beautiful thing. The 22 animals below have been given such unusual appearances, you won’t believe your eyes! This is proof that Mother Nature still has some tricks up her sleeve. 😉

h/t Bright Side

#1 This fish with quite the facial expression.

#2 A curly-haired horse.

#3 This beautiful Bengal kitten.

#4 Just a pup with LOTS of scruff! 😉

#5 A kitty with curled ears!

#6 Rare adult orchid mantis from Malaysia.

#7 This long-eared, rascally rabbit.

#8 “Tiny Danger Noodles” 😛

#9 “My friend’s dog, Braveheart. Part husky, part lab; split right down the middle.”

#10 Black and orange cat mix.

#11 Rare white Swedish reindeer.

#12 This dog with a beautiful fur pattern.

#13 Superhero Husky puppy! 🙂

#14 “Take me to your leader”

#15 A dog with a star on his chest!

#16 A cat with extremely long legs.

#17 “The Mexican mole lizard, so rare it is almost mythical”

#18 “This dalmatian has heart shaped spots on his eyes”

#19 “My little lady turned 20 this week. Supposedly that’s 100 in human years”

#20 “Robins have tiny feathers around their eyes” Did you know?

#21 Duck Rabbit. Can you see it? 😉

#22 “Meet Oliver. He has thumbs.”