18 Of The Best Dog Photos UPS Drivers Have Taken On Their Routes

Here are their furry friends.

There’s a Facebook page called UPS Dogs dedicated to the furry friends UPS drivers meet on their daily routes, and it’s the best. We’ve chosen 18 of our favorite photos, and we think you’ll love them. There’s just something about the relationships between delivery people and dogs! 🙂

h/t Bored Panda

#1 “I would greatly appreciate a biscuit” – Newberg, Oregon

#2 “Romo, Otter, and Otis waiting on MARIO” – Jacksonville, Florida

#3 “Attack dog” – Camp Pendleton, California

#4 “Name’s Pepe and I’m a driver helper, I get paid in biscuits!”

#5 “When you can’t make up your mind, have one of each!” – Harbor Springs, MI

#6 “This is BUZZ!!!! He was 18 sadly he passed away not too long ago. Even with wheels he’d still meet me”

#7 “She always has to bring me a stick to play fetch and can’t get enough.” – North Iowa

#8 “This is our UPS Driver Darrell in UK, the pack loves him”

#9 “Harvest time in Nebraska. This dog was sharing the wealth!!”

#10 “Look me in the eyes and tell me where you put the biscuits.”

#11 “One of these is not like the other.”

#12 “Our UPS guy who Roxie loves always gets snuggles when he stops.”

#13 “Sometimes you need a leg up”

#14 “Here are some of my daily friends. Great looking family.”

#15 “High 5 Mr UPS man!!”

#16 “Karl knows that the UPS guy is good for a cookie. So he’s waiting for him to come across the street and deliver his Milk-Bone.”

#18 “They call him Smiley!” – Hot Springs, Arkansas