Velma The Dalmatian Goes Into Labor And Gives Birth To Record-Setting Litter

The pups just kept coming!

When Josh and Terri‘s Dalmatian started giving birth, they were not prepared for this! They knew Velma was pregnant and expected to birth 10 puppies but were stunned at the end of the day when a total of 19 puppies were born.

The puppies just kept coming at a pace of about one per hour making this a 19-hour birthing process.

Josh Luther/Facebook
Josh Luther/Facebook
Josh Luther/Facebook

“It’s official we have tied the National record for most puppies born in the USA with 19 puppies The Mothers name is Velma she is doing very well we are helping her feed the pups every 3-4 hours now. they are all precious and unique,” they stated on Facebook.

Wow! Not quite 101 Dalmatians, but perhaps this is the real-life equivalent! 😀

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