12 Dogs That’ll Make You Question What In The World They’re Doing

What exactly is happening here?

Do you ever see your dog doing something silly and wonder what in the world they are doing? Dogs will be dogs! The 12 pooches below were caught in the middle of some shenanigans that’ll make you question what’s actually happening, and they’re too funny! 😀

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 Is your dog okay? 😛

#2 “Like how is this even comfortable”

#3 “I regret trying to take a cute panorama of my dog” 😀

#4 This is a real dog, not a cartoon character.

#5 This dog looking like he’s judging everyone…

#7 “The look I get when it’s playtime”

#8 When you see snow for the first time…

#9 “Clearly someone forgot how to dog…so he potato’d instead.”

#10 Silly dog, cat doors are for cats!

#11 This dog who apparently learned how to breathe fire…

#12 Playing fetch is serious business!