21 Reasons Your Dog Is Truly Your Best Friend

You wouldn’t trade them for the world.

They say dogs are Man’s Best Friend, and they truly are our best buds. We wouldn’t trade them for the world! Below are 21 reasons why your dog is your best friend. 🙂

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 Your dog just wants to make you smile.

#2 Your dog is always there for you, no matter what.

#3 Your dog’s always ready to sit next to you.

#4 You dog will join in on whatever activity you’re doing.

#5 Your dog’s loyalty to you is unmatched.

#6 Your dog can always find a way to make you laugh.

#7 Your dog’s always willing to share your space with you. 😉

#8 Your dog misses you every second you’re gone.

#9 Your dog’s always waiting for you with the best greeting.

#10 Just seeing your dog’s face makes everything a little better.

#11 Your dog’s always willing to have some fun.

#12 Your dog’s always ready for a nice nap.

#13 Your dog is your travel buddy.

#14 Your dog makes the best co-pilot.

#15 You celebrate everything together.

#16 And they’re always there for you when you need it most.

#17 Nothing is better than waking up to this face! 🙂

#18 Your dog is the ultimate protector.

#19 Your dog never skips an opportunity to give you a kiss.

#20 Their love is unconditional.

#21 And that love is for life.

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