Someone Ziplocked 8 Puppies In Dog Food Bags And Threw Them In A Trash Can

Nicole Olsen was with her six-year-old daughter at a truck stop when they heard crying and whining coming from a trash bin. Inside was some ziplocked dog food bags covered in garbage that contained eight puppies. She immediately pulled the dogs out and called for help.

9 News AU

Sadly, two of the puppies who were in terrible shape covered in maggots and feces did not make it. But the six remaining pups would go on to be cared for by the kind people at the RSPCA in South Australia with the hope that they continue to heal and grow and eventually be adopted out.

9 News AU

Andrea Lewis, the chief inspector of the RSPCA, has called this one of the worst cases of animal cruelty she’s ever witnessed and is asking for any information people may have about the person who committed such a cruel act.

“Puppies have lost their lives because of this, so we would be looking at pursuing anyone who we can identify that did this,” she said to 9 News AU.