Boaters Spot A Blob In The Ocean That Ends Up Being A Dog

Bryn Crowell was out on a boat with some friends when she spotted something out in the water. And it was the last thing she thought she’d see; It was a dog struggling to stay afloat, and her friend jumped in to help right away.

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The dog was winded but thankful to be alive. And fortunately, he had his owner’s information on his collar! The dog’s name was Zuko, and they contacted his family. Through tears of anxiety and happiness that he was found, they said that he’d fallen overboard when they were out on their boat earlier. Bryn and friends were able to return Zuko, and his parents held him close as they cried. Later, she received a message of thanks:

They also sent over a photo of a purchase they made to ensure Zuko would be safer in the future…

This story could’ve had a very different ending, but Zuko is safe and sound today thanks to Bryn and friends. My faith in humanity is restored! 🙂