Dog jumps off the boat, swims right over to a dolphin

The very first time Zyzz saw Jojo the dolphin, he jumped right into the water totally unprompted by his family and swam over to make a new friend. Today, they are best buds and play together every time they’re out and about! The dog hangs out on the boat until he sees the dark spot in the water. He then starts shaking ready to dive in! 😀

The family of loving dolphins always seems to be around and ready to mingle, but it’s Jojo who is almost more friendly with humans and dogs than other dolphins! And ever since the dog and dolphin originally took to each other, they’ve been inseparable.

Zyzz the dog and Jojo the dolphin each have their own Instagram accounts to document their adventures, and they’re both worth checking out! 🙂

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